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Past Projects

Samples of work and past projects are listed in reverse chronological order. These projects are owned by Taylor Binnix, or, are the property of their affiliate organizations. These projects may not be reprinted, copied, or used without written permission. Affiliate organization, scope of work, purpose, and availability of items are listed for the following projects:

  • Charm City Spotlight, web-based project (Mar. 2018)
  • Publication in Deviant Behavior (Sep. 2017)
  • Stigma and Suicide conference presentation (Oct. 2016)
  • Departmental website (Sep. 2016)
  • Sociology Thesis (May 2016)
  • Staff Handbook (Sep. 2015)
  • MPLOY Project Timeline (Aug. 2015)
  • Payroll Audit (Jul. 2015)
  • Spanish Capstone Presentation (Apr. 2013)


Mar. 2018
Charm City Spotlight 
  • Purpose: Created to showcase the fascinating people that make up the heartbeat of Baltimore
  • Content Creator: Taylor Binnix
  • Available:

Sep. 2017
Article title: “The Dialectics of Stigma, Silence, and Misunderstanding in Suicidality Survival Narratives”

  • Publication: Deviant Behavior
  • Authors: Taylor M. Binnix, Carol Rambo, Seth Abrutyn, and Anna S. Mueller
  • Citation: Binnix, Taylor M., Carol Rambo, Seth Abrutyn & Anna S. Mueller (2017). “The Dialectics of Stigma, Silence, and Misunderstanding in Suicidality Survival Narratives” Deviant Behavior, DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2017.1399753.
  • Available: Click link to view full .pdf:
    Binnix et al. 2017_stigma_silence_misunderstanding_around_suicidality (1)

Oct. 2016
Presentation title: 
“Stigma, silence, and Misunderstanding around Suicidality: Framing suicidality with Goffman’s Stigma

  • Purpose: Guest lecturer for Graduate Seminar in Sociological Theory
  • Professor: Dr. Carol Rambo, University of Memphis Department of Sociology
  • Available: Click link to view presentation .pdf: StigmaPres_soc theory
Sep. 2016
Department Website
​Webpage title:

  • Collaborators: Ike Griffith, Director; Robert Powell, Web Designer
  • Organization: City of Memphis Office of Youth Services
  • Purpose: Wrote web content that is up-to-date and relevant to the students, parents, and community members connected with the City of Memphis Office of Youth Services

May 2016
​Thesis title: 
“Missing the Mark: The Perceived Role of Family Members in the Stigma, Silence, and Misunderstandings around Suicidality.”

  • Committee Members: Dr. Seth Abrutyn, Dr. Anna Mueller, Dr. Carol Rambo
  • Institution: University of Memphis, Department of Sociology
  • Purpose: Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Sociology
  • Scope of work: Completed original qualitative research project with IRB approval. Interviewed respondents for 60-90 minutes in a one-on-one setting, or over the phone. Recorded and transcribed interviews. Used NVivo software to code and analyze data for reoccurring themes.
  • Available: Click link to view full .pdf: thesis complete tbinnix

Sep. 2015
MPLOY Staff Handbook
​Title: Standard Operations and Procedures Manual for the MPLOY Youth Summer Experience (Program Staff) 

  • Collaborators: Joyce Douglas, Program Manager
  • Organization: City of Memphis Office of Youth Services
  • Purpose:  This handbook serves as a thorough guide for the MPLOY Team members and MOYS staff members responsible for administering the MPLOY Youth Summer Experience (MPLOY). MPLOY is the summer youth employment program (SYEP) run by the City of Memphis Office of Youth Services (MOYS).
  • Available: This handbook is property of MOYS and may not be reprinted, copied, or used without written permission. Click link to view full .pdf: MPLOYHandbook_tbinnix
Jul. 2015
​MPLOY 2015 Student Payroll Audit

  • Organization: MPLOY Youth Summer Experience
  • Scope of work: Audited student payroll with accurate record-keeping, cross-checking paper records of timesheets with electronic records and payroll records
  • Purpose: Ensured accurate information regarding each students’ numbers of hours worked and money amounts on each students’ paychecks
  • Available: Names and identifying information have been redacted to protect students’ privacy and confidentiality. Individual records are identified by a randomly-generated System ID. Click link to view Excel document: MPLOY Payroll Audit_Sample

Apr. 2013
Capstone Title: 
“Psychoanalysis of Societal Influence on Mother-Daughter Relationships in Short Stories by Grandes, and Peri Rossi” (translated from Spanish)

  • Major Professor: Dr. Mayte de Lama
  • Institution: Elon University, Department of World Languages and Cultures
  • Purpose: One of two bilingual presenters at the Student Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF)
  • Available: Click link to view presentation .pdf: SURF presentation